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From Elsewhere . . .

May 31st, 2009

Image by Mike Love. Some rights reserved. Since 1991, the world's most lethal nerve gas factory has been "secured only by bicycle locks." Good thing terrorists can't get their hands on Bic pens. It's time for another edition of Bicycle Booze. This week,… more »

The New President Checks Out

May 29th, 2009

Do I have enough? Check the coins. Cool. A wonderful pic from the Huffington Post. Take out from local hamburger place. Schleps it back to the White House. Love it. more »

Because American Beer Was So Good Back Then . . .

May 29th, 2009

I guess there's tremendous demand for lousy beer. So, trend maven that I am, I bought a six-pack. Gerty had a swig and jubilantly announced, "It tastes just like it! Just like when my dad and I would watch the Yankees!" "Honey. You were about 5 in… more »

Ricky Receptacle

May 29th, 2009

Trash "receptacle" at I-80 rest area in Nebraska. The existence of "Ricky Receptacle" says a lot about Nebraska. more »

Police Deliver A "Stern Lecture" To Pedestrian's Killer And Let Her Go

May 29th, 2009

Police believe Jordan Valdez's Nissan struck and killed Melissa Sjostrom, inset, on Feb. 8. The car was photographed on video exiting the Crosstown Expressway, left, and in front of Valdez's Davis Islands home. The title would sum up the case, were it… more »

Yehuda's (Nearly) Out Of The Woods.

May 26th, 2009

Yehuda's back! Sort of. Almost. Yehuda (and Rick) honored the Ride of Silence on May 20. Thank you Rick! When Yehuda returns to a daily strip on June 17, Joe King (known to Yehuda Moon fans as the jerky, practical joking roadie) will get a (carbon… more »

Domesticated Life

May 26th, 2009

Image by daniel zimmel. Some rights reserved. When Gerty read this, she gave me a hug and murmured low and affectionately, "Dork!" Tim Dowling in the The Guardian: [M]y wife is . . . watching The Dog Whisperer. It's her favourite show. She doesn't care… more »

A Clean Tour de France?

May 26th, 2009

From the Guardian International: Almost 200 prisoners will cycle around France next month, watched by scores of guards on bicycles, in the first penal version of the Tour de France. The 196 prisoners will cycle in a pack and breakaway sprints will not… more »

And How Is Spineless & Dopey Working?

May 26th, 2009

Image by Erik Hart. Some rights reserved. So, how is the Bennet/Udall Spineless and Dopey strategy working? I haven't been following the numbers, but if this data from Public Policy Polling is an improvement, I'd be shocked: Mark Udall (D-CO) - Approve… more »

Ride Fast!

May 25th, 2009

Image by Maëlis. Some rights reserved. more »

Colorado's Tradition Of Dopey Senators Continues

May 25th, 2009

Image by Randy von Liski. Some rights reserved. I thought Colorado Senate delegation had finally left the rubber nose and greasepaint era behind. Wrong again. Bennet and Udall are asking Obama to appoint Ken Salazar to the Supreme Court. Ken Salazar?!? more »

"Celebrating" Memorial Day

May 25th, 2009

Original image by lintmachine. Some rights reserved. My Memorial Day "celebration" is to force myself to face my complicity in murdering innocents, torture, glorifying power, and honoring killers. I have utterly failed to do anything constructive to… more »

Classical Album Art Gets Groovy

May 25th, 2009

Stephen Eddins at compares album cover art on pop and classical albums and finds the moment classical art dumped its dull, formal look and the guys who transformed classical covers. For many years, it was easy to distinguish between… more »

Lucky Number 7

May 24th, 2009

Image by Emma Cunningham. Some rights reserved. From Science Daily: A new study from Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) researchers found that participants who drank for a week from polycarbonate bottles -- the popular, hard-plastic drinking bottles… more »

Off-Duty Cop Kills 13-Year Old Cyclist And Flees Scene

May 24th, 2009

Why oh why oh why oh why oh why. From the Chicago Tribune via Bicycle Diaries: Witnesses said Trenton [Booker] and at least one other boy were riding their bikes in the left southbound lane of Ashland Avenue near 81st Street when a black Dodge Charger… more »

Department of Silver Linings: Malls Into Ghost Towns

May 24th, 2009

Image by katherine of chicago. Some rights reserved. From Malls, those ubiquitous shopping meccas that sprang up in the 1950s, are dwindling in number, with many struggling properties reduced to largely vacant shells. Malls are more… more »

The Only Tourist In Mexico

May 23rd, 2009

Checking in on David Byrne at reCycling the World, I am ready to hop on my bike and pedal south as fast as I can: I’m the only tourist in Mexico, staying at the best hotel in the town of Gutierrez Zamora in the state of Veracruz. My room on the third… more »

What! We'd Have To Eat It!

May 23rd, 2009

Image by Oleg Malashevich. Some rights reserved. A leading Democrat prefers global warming to the possibility that the environmental harm caused by ethanol might be regulated. From Feedstuffs - The Weekly Newspaper For Agribusiness: House Agriculture… more »

Bike Cop Hit By Driver . . . House Arrest?

May 23rd, 2009

Cyclists rally against inadequate hit and run sentencing in Melbourne. Image by Adrian Tritschler. Some rights reserved. From WCNC: A Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer is recovering after he was hit while riding a police bicycle and responding to a… more »

What's Bulgarian For "Cyclist"?

May 22nd, 2009

Image by Nedko Ivanov. Some rights reserved. When I asked Steve about the safety of cycling on [Bulgaria's] roads, he answered my question with another question: "Do you know what the Bulgarian for cyclist is? It's donor. As in organ donor." Douglas… more »

Dissing Lance Is Like Dissing Jesus . . .

May 22nd, 2009

Image by ashley.adcox. Some rights reserved. . . . or maybe Rush Limbaugh. Thou Shalt Recant. more »

The Bicicletta Cocktail

May 22nd, 2009

Image by Max Boschini. Some rights reserved. Campari, white wine, and soda on ice - the recipe. As described in Bon Appétit, May 2008 (via Da Nino): The Bicicletta is a global cocktail that has made its way around the world in a languorous sort of way,… more »

Colorado's Tradition Of Spineless Senators Continues

May 22nd, 2009

Image by NATIONAL PARODY LEAGUE. Some rights reserved. From a Denver Post editorial: Colorado Sens. Michael Bennet and Mark Udall voted against the spending authorization. . . . Bennet and Udall also stress that they think federal prisons like Supermax… more »

Motorist Gets 3-Year Sentence For 'Act of Great Stupidity' That Killed A Cyclist

May 22nd, 2009

The Daily Mail headline cheered me. Then I realized, first, that it happened in England and, second, the "act of great stupidity" was actually committed by the cyclist. From the Daily Mail: Father-of-two Mark Hollister died after 'hitching a lift' on… more »

How Women Know When They Are Old

May 19th, 2009

Image by Mike Timberlake. Some rights reserved. Gerty just returned from a weekend bike ride with women she has known since before they all had kids: Me: So what did you guys talk about? Gerty: The usual stuff. Me: The usual what? Gerty: Kids. We… more »

Yehuda To Return!

May 19th, 2009

Yehuda Moon by Rick Smith. Yehuda Moon will return on June 17! From Rick: Yehuda Moon returns June 17, 2009. Details to follow - watch the banner on the top of the page. . . . And Joe King will appear on Sundays. So Yehuda Moon, Monday through Saturday,… more »

What Does Poetry Save You From?

May 7th, 2009

"What Does Poetry Save You From?" From the pale silence of morning and the din of afternoon. From the flight into darkness of those I continue to love. From my inarticulate body and the syllables that clog my mouth. From having to say “nothing,” when a… more »

From Elsewhere . . . .

May 6th, 2009

Bicycle Riders Journal - We Have A Tandem - OMG! They have a tandem?! From tricycle to tandem?! Do you remember learning to ride a bike when you were a kid? Think about doing it when you are feeling old and fragile. I love these guys. Sometimes every… more »

Memorial Bike Ride

May 6th, 2009

The Rev. Gary Brower, DU's University Chaplain, will be in front of the DU Law School on Saturday, May 9th at 9:30 am for a memorial bike ride to honor Professor Erik Bluemel. This is one of many ways to honor Prof. Bluemel -- to be with other folks… more »

First Annual Winston's Tweed Ride . . . .

May 6th, 2009

The First Annual Winston's Tweed Ride took place this past weekend in Chicago. According to the (erudite and) tweedy gentleman at Bicycle Diaries, the ride deserved a Shakespearean tribute. So, he composed one: And gentlefolk in Chitown now-a-bed Shall… more »

One Day's News: Enough Shame For A Lifetime

May 6th, 2009

Image by switch_1010. Some rights reserved. From today's NYTimes: Torture Memos: Inquiry Suggests No Prosecutions Penalty for approving crimes against humanity: suggest an investigation by state bar associations? Red Cross Confirms Afghan Civilian Toll… more »

"It's Like a Whole Other Country"

May 5th, 2009

Teabagging in Houston. Image by luna175. Some rights reserved. Years ago, I passed through Texas with RAAM. That was enough. I swore I would never return. Most of Texas is a car-addled eyesore inhabited by folks who are famous for being cocky jerks.… more »

“My own chosen attitude is total confusion”

May 4th, 2009

Image from John Michell RIP at Further: Strange Attractor & beyond "My pursuits are a joke in that the universe is a joke. One has to reflect the universe faithfully." -- John Michell (9 February 1933 – 24 April 2009) more »

Bright Spot

May 3rd, 2009

From the WSJ: Chrysler's Conner Ave. assembly plant, which builds the Dodge Viper, has been stopped by interruptions in its parts supply for the last three weeks, said Chris Vitale, a worker at the plant. The Dodge Viper, a wholly wasteful stupid car.… more »