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Comment from: beth h [Visitor]  

I bought a SP Club Pro jacket last summer and used it several times in the beginning of Portland’s rainy fall weather. At first, everything was fine. Then, little by little the jacket began to show signs of pesky behaviour: zipper got fussy; pit-zips weren’t really in a good place to manage one-handed on the bike; and water began seeping in near the zipper area.

About the time I was ready to call SP, the ajcket was stolen off a hook at a restaurant, and I had to buy another jacket to get me through the rest of the fall and winter.

This time, I bought a J & G “Waterproof-Breathable” rain jacket.
The fit is slightly more utilitarian-boxy (which fits fine over my chest and hips, and/or a wool sweater in coldest weather), has the longest pit-zips I’ve ever seen, and – get this – actually repels water. Reliably. Every time. The color is slightly louder than I like but the jacket works so well that I don’t care. I’ve worn the jacket all winter long and into a very wet, cold spring and it continued to work beautifully.

Best of all, it’s made in the USA.

In fact, when my SP Club pants began to fail (after less than a dozen rides!), I decided to skip calling SP, pony up and buy J & G’s “Waterproof-Breathable” rain pants to match. I anticipate a drier fall in 2011.

07/05/11 @ 17:27
Comment from: [Member]

Hey Beth!

Thanks for the comment. I saw your notes on the Bike Portland site about J&G and checked out their website. Hadn’t heard of them before. I believe I’ll try some of their stuff.

Your comments on the SP zippers and pit zips are in accord with what I’ve found.

They mystery to me is why so many people say the SP Touring jacket is waterproof when it obviously is not. Perhaps, and I’m grasping at straw here, the often lighter rains of the NW don’t leak through so quickly.

07/07/11 @ 11:35

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