Fiddling. Rome. Climate Change Edition.

July 14th, 2011


While the White House and Congress are spending their time arguing over whose plan to put people out of work is the best, efforts to address critical problems have stalled.

Anyone remember climate change? Thought for sure there would significant action during Obama's first term. Thought wrong.

From the NYTimes:

American Electric Power has decided to table plans to build a full-scale carbon-capture plant at Mountaineer, a 31-year-old coal-fired plant in West Virginia, where the company has successfully captured and buried carbon dioxide in a small pilot program for two years.

The technology had been heralded as the quickest solution to help the coal industry weather tougher federal limits on greenhouse gas emissions. But Congressional inaction on climate change diminished the incentives that had spurred A.E.P. to take the leap.

. . .

The federal Department of Energy had pledged to cover half the cost, but A.E.P. said it was unwilling to spend the remainder in a political climate that had changed strikingly since it began the project.

Why The Heck Would Anyone Ride A Pugsley?

July 14th, 2011


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Gerty asked me the other day why anyone would buy a Pugsley. (We had just seen one in North Central Cyclery.)

Fatboybiking provides the answer:

On the way home I decided to take a "short-cut," a way that is not ridden by anyone. I took the train tracks from 70th to where they end at 60th.

Pugsleys and train tracks are made for each other. Bumping on the tracks on fat bike tires is a treat that few will ever know and when the tracks are less close, the ability to ride on the rocks, weeds, crap and other surfaces without a second thought are a treat that few will ever know. I repeat myself because I believe it's true.

When was the last time you felt like you were five?

Raising Kids

July 13th, 2011

When people brag of their wonderful childraising techniques, I often end up cringing.

Why is being mean to children laudable?

Brigitte Bardot Rides A Bike

July 13th, 2011


Apparently a still from And God Created Woman directed by Roger Vadim, 1956.

From Wikipedia:

Though by no means her first film, it is widely recognized as the vehicle that launched Bardot into the public spotlight and immediately created her "sex kitten" persona.

When the film was released in the United States by distributor Kingsley-International Pictures in 1957, it pushed the boundaries of the representation of sexuality in American cinema, making Bardot an overnight sensation.


Wet Strippers Are Dangerous

July 13th, 2011

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Ortlieb Bike Packer Plus Panniers Review -- New & Old

July 12th, 2011


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Newer Ortlieb Bike Packer Plus panniers.

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Older Bike Packer Plus panniers.

Bottom line on the new version: More volume but I miss the straps.

(This is not a comparison of Ortlieb panniers to other brands. The closest I have come to comparing brands is here. Generally, I like our Ortliebs better than our Lone Peaks or Arkel because the Ortlieb attachment system is simple, reliable, and doesn't threaten to leave holes in clothing or legs.)

We are using a set of Ortlieb's new Bike Packer Plus panniers on our current tour. We are also using a set of older Bike Packer Plus panniers. It's a perfect set up to evaluate what Ortlieb has changed. So, I did:

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You Lead, And I'll Follow . . . Off A Cliff

July 11th, 2011

One (and only one) of the scary parts of the Obama press conference:

I might add it is the primary solution that the Republicans have offered when it comes to jobs. They keep on going out there and saying, “Mr. President, what are you doing about jobs?” And when you ask them, well, what would you do? “We’ve got to get government spending under control and we’ve got to get our deficits under control.” So I say, okay, let’s go.

That's why we are now talking about spending cuts when we should be talking about jobs? Because the Republican politicians say that cutting spending will create jobs, contrary to rational economic theory?

Instead of "Okay, let's go," how about "That is idiocy and here's why. . . ."

Ah well.

What He Said

July 8th, 2011


It would be nice if Obama said this.

But, to be honest, if he did, I wouldn't believe him . . . .