Huge Insect Appears In Minneapolis

September 3rd, 2008


Speaking of baffling choices for Vice President, it's worth remembering that Al Gore picked a complete fool.

Tyler, Please Just Leave Me Alone!

September 1st, 2008


I wish Tyler would just quit and go to vet school or something.

If he does this well at 37, does that mean he wasn't doping after all? that he didn't need to be doping? that he's doping now?


Making Guests Too Comfortable At The RNC

September 1st, 2008

Because Memories Are Short . . . .

August 31st, 2008


I'm always baffled when I hear someone describe them as "nice" people.

Mirror Put David Cameron In Mortal Peril?

August 31st, 2008


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MP David Cameron on his way to Parliament. Image from the Times Online.

Why Conservative MP David Cameron, who rides his bike to Parliament and to the grocery store, hasn't yet entered the "McCain zone" and throttled a Mirror reporter is a mystery to me.

Especially when the Mirror may have launched him through an intersection without working brakes.

Initially, the Mirror discovered Cameron, who had posed for a green photo op before riding to the Commons, was sometimes trailed by a Lexus carrying his briefcase and shoes.

The Mirror sniggered again after snapping photos of Cameron ignoring red lights and cycling the wrong way up a one-way street. To rub it in, the Mirror had a reporter on a cycle tail an extraordinarily polite Cameron on a trip around town. The reporter concluded her story with this line: "God help me, but he's got a rather nice bum."

When Cameron had his bike stolen from in front of his local grocery store while he was inside buying groceries for dinner, The Mirror delightedly posted a video of Cameron's distressed reaction on its website and described it as "comical." (Curiously, Cameron's genuine error in chaining the bike to a short post, allowing the thief to simply lift the chain over the top of the post, garnered little mirth.)

The Mirror snarked that, with the aid of "local community elder Ernest Theophile and his Rasta friend 'KJ'," they found Cameron's bike in an alley after "little more than an hour."

This is where the plot thickens.

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From Elsewhere. . . .

August 31st, 2008

From a year of bike commuting, an enthusiastic description of the DNC as feeling like a "bike convention" - a feeling I share. (I'm suffering a from of convention withdrawal that has nothing to do with politics. I simply miss all the people and bikes.)

I think the Convention gave me a dose of what denizens of Iowa towns feel when RAGBRAI comes through. I have always marveled at the enthusiasm; now I "get it."

Which is why I don't get why some Iowa counties keep trying to ban RAGBRAI. (Bis and I wrote about this last year. Bis had more to say; I had a better picture.)

Bis recently wrote about the latest (aborted) attempt by an Iowa county to ban RAGBRAI. He has traced the rising stupidity to David Vestal (, legal counsel for the Iowa Association of Counties.

David Vestal isn't the only one who can't simply enjoy something exciting and fun. The Sacramento Bee has a fun story about a bicycling lawyer who can't even GIVE ice cream away.

Longest Bike Trail in the U.S. Completed

August 30th, 2008


Arch marking the start of the Silver Comet at Alabama borderMagnify the image

Original image by VickyvS. Some rights reserved.

Imagine riding a century without touching a road.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Silver Comet Trail has been completed. As of Thursday there is a 95-mile, uninterrupted, bike trail from Atlanta, Georgia to Anniston, Alabama.

From the PATH Foundation:

Imagine gliding along on your bike through the north Georgia countryside, crossing a 500-foot-long trestle over a rushing river below, winding between rock cliffs and weaving among tall stately pines. Imagine doing this without having to worry about cars and trucks. Now imagine doing this for 60 miles on one trail!
Under the trees on the Silver Comet

No, that's not a dream, it's the Silver Comet Trail.

The Silver Comet connects with Alabama's Chief Ladiga Trail and continues to Anniston, Alabama - a total of 95 miles.

(Tom Robbins has collected a set of Silver Comet photos on flickr.)

Change I Can Believe In?

August 29th, 2008


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Personal bikes parked at the official Rude Park site for Obama's speech. Image by Brendan from a year of bike commuting. There are more of Brendan's photos of bikes at the DNC here.

Faced with the problem of getting 90,000 people into Invesco Field, Denver thinks bikes:

Mayor Hickenlooper encourages credentialed attendees to ride bicycles to Barack Obama’s acceptance speech and creates a self-park bicycle depot at City’s Rude Park

I'm loving it. Hope it lasts.